Fees and FAQs

Do you do home visits?

How much do piano lessons cost?

  • £18 for a 30 min lesson. 
  • £24 for a 45 min lesson. 
  • £30 for a 60 min lesson. 
  • For your convenience, I travel to students’ homes to teach.  
  • The first two lessons will be on a ‘pay as you play’ basis and acts as a probationary period. Payment will then be required for a minimum of 6 lessons in advance (a ‘Series’) or, if more convenient, you can ‘pay as you go’ and pay after each lesson. 
  • If paying on a Series basis, renewal payments are due by the last lesson of the current block in order to secure the same time slot for the following 6-weeks. I will remind you in person or via email the week prior to the payment being due (usually I will send an invoice for the next Series of lessons). 
  • I provide lots of support and resources outside of lessons via the login section of this interactive website. In this way, students don’t need to wait until their next lesson to get advice. 
  • My fees reflect both my qualifications, teaching experience and travel expenses. I spend a lot of time preparing individual lessons for students and always email notes to students/parents immediately after the lesson so that preparation can be made for the following week’s lesson. 
  • Note: 60 min lessons can be provided on a fortnightly basis if this is more convenient (adults often have busy schedules or family commitments). However, this depends on my other teaching commitments and needs to be negotiated on an individual basis. 

Find out about current UK music lesson fees: https://www.ism.org/advice/private-music-tuition-fees-our-survey-results-2018

How do I pay for lessons?

  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer and PayPal (price includes a small additional charge to cover Paypal fees – approx. 3.4% + £0.20). Parents and adult students have an account and associated login on this website which allows them to see invoices. 
  • Note: child students can also have a login to view lesson notes and schedules, but they do not have access to any financial information. 
  • For the first two lessons, fees will be due immediately after each lesson. From the third lesson onwards, the Student (or the Student’s parent or guardian) will pay the fees in advance for each Series (cash, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal), unless it has been agreed to pay lesson fees on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

How often are lessons?

  • Lessons are once per week (at the student’s home) as this gives students time to practice between lessons but without the opportunity to pick up bad habits! Fortnightly lessons can be arranged by negotiation. 
  • If the situation dictates (such as close to exams), extra lessons can be fitted in.

What about cancelled lessons?

  • 48-hours notice is required for any lesson cancellations. 
  • In the event of a cancellation with this notice, I will do my best to re-schedule the lesson within the same week, but this is not guaranteed. 
  • If less than 48 hours notice is given then the lesson and payment is forfeited unless there are exceptional circumstances. 
  • If I have to cancel a lesson myself then I will either re-schedule, carry payment forward to the next Series of lessons, or provide a full refund.

Termination of Tuition

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