East Coast Musician of the Year 2017 

Fancy entering a music competition? 

I've just received details of the East Coast Musician of the Year Competition 2017 which will be taking place in November. I have some flyers for interested students or you can visit for full details.

The competition is open to all ages and abilities as well as all styles and instruments/voice.

Sounds very exciting so head over to for full details, awards and…

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Learn to Play Better With These Piano Sight Reading Tips  

Learning to play the piano is more than just memorising songs and how they're played. In fact, musicians aren't going to play many, if any, songs from memory. They're going to at least have the sheet music in front of them to help jog their memory as they play, even if they've played the song hundreds of times before. When they need to play a new song, they're going to have the sheet music in front of them and they're going to actually read it as they play. They won't have to practice the song over and over…

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Learn To Practice Piano Efficiently  

No one gets instant gratification from playing the piano. Gratification may come one day if you practice consistently. Experts say practice is the critical key to being a good pianist. Indeed, piano is an instrument one can practice for a lifetime and never perfect. Here are some tips for efficient piano practice. First and foremost, get organised and make a regular practice schedule. This may sound like a simple thing but busy people need to set aside time for extras. Additionally, practice should be…

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The Many Ways To Find A Piano Teacher  

It can be daunting figuring out how to choose the best piano teacher for your child. However, the internet is a good source to find teachers in the area. One may even find some music associations on the web that have teacher directories. Parents can never forget to rely on word of mouth. Indeed, ask your family and friends for referrals. Of course, parents should figure out what their goals are as it relates to their child and piano. 


Preliminary Investigation 

Interviewing twenty teachers is not how…

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