Teaching and Composing Testimonials

Alan’s teaching was fantastic. Right from the start I felt that he was listening to what I wanted to get from learning the piano; what pace I wanted to progress at, what pieces I wanted to learn, and along with that he also used other books and materials along the way to expand upon the theory and techniques helpful for the pieces I was learning. He was very calm, relaxed and patient - learning was always a fun and enjoyable experience, which was a great motivator for practising! I never felt like there was a question I couldn’t ask, or restricted in what I could try and learn. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Jordan (his piano lessons helped him pass the Skills section of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award)

He has really enjoyed your tuition and benefitted so much from your skill and guidance. His piano playing will I know be a lasting treasure in his life. ”

— Parent of piano student

Thank you Alan for your attention to detail... and for your generosity with your time support and commitment over the year . I wish my piano teacher had been more like you when I was young as I'm sure I would still be playing now! ”

— Parent of piano student

It was a joy working with Alan. Not only is he very talented and thoroughly professional but he listens to feedback and acts on it, producing exactly what is needed. I hope we will work together again on another film.”

Owen Carey Jones (Carey Films Ltd)

Alan’s work on The Fish-O-Tron has been nothing less than superb. He was able to create a piece that fitted the exact mood I wanted for my short film. Not only did he compose and deliver the music to me sooner than expected, but the quality was excellent as well.”

— Bruce Kuei/Frosty Films (character animator at Pixar Studios: Ice Age, The Meltdown, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Your Friend The Rat, Up, Dug’s Special Mission)

Alan really listened to what I wanted, even when I wanted to combine Jewish and Arabic melodic lines together as metaphor: the result was brilliant!”

— Diane Reed (Director Media Arts Foundation - Community TV, USA)

Working with Alan was very smooth and worry-free. I gave him a very loose brief and just let him get on with it. He delivered exactly what I was after in record time. A consummate professional!”

Brian Barnes (Osmium Films)

Alan Moore composed the musical score for ‘Movies’. I choose Alan, after being contacted by musicians across the globe. I listened to some of Alan’s compositions, and was instantly captivated by his melodies which, in my mind, began to bring the film alive.”

— Monshur Alam (Alam Brothers)

Lessons are managed well and pupils observe a high code of conduct in behaviour and discipline.”


Teachers have an excellent grasp of music education, plan lessons carefully and work well with pupils.”


The quality of teaching is good.”


The use of the strong melody gave this a fresh feel and raised it above being just another relaxation tape type song… Any way you look at it though you did something beyond the normal… I really like this track and think that you have a good sense of how to blend sounds, tones and samples to make something which more approaches song structure than most electronic music. Any time that you veer way from the pack you take some risk that people will be confused, but that should not stop you from doing it.”

— Industry review of ‘The Bell

Lovely sounds and very tastefully produced. I like the way the piano is slightly back in the mix because it lends a haunting quality to the track that the melody needs to sustain interest. The arrangement is filled with tasty bits like the bird sounds and the extra rhythmic keyboard passages are interest-adding elements… Because of the high degree of professionalism in the playing and the excellent mix, this track has some built-in appeal for New Age listeners.”

— Industry review of ‘Taj Mahal

A sprightly track with plenty of rhythmic buoyance and engaging melodies. The track comes across as a combination of lounge reggae and Caribbean steel drums. And the horror-movie chord is excellent. A sense of fun inhabits this track and it is still very musical… You have superb timing, making your music sound natural as walking. This imparts a sense of comfort to the listener and such precise playing characterizes the full history of Hollywood music.”

— Industry review of ‘Malibu

A wonderfully well written piece with the soul of “the paper chase” and the character of any silent film pre-talkie… Well written, arranged, and performed, this piece has schooled, well studied musician all over it.”

— Industry review of ‘French Florist

An inspired piece with many wonderful, magical musical moments. The mood grabs you and takes you. Lovely stuff”

— GarageBand Reviewers

Great tune, sweepingly dramatic. You’ve got talent!”

— GarageBand Reviewers

Excellent textures and choice of instrumentation. This should be in a movie! A perfect 5!”

— GarageBand Reviewers

I could listen to this music all day long.”

— GarageBand Reviewers

All I can say is a perfect arrangement that creates a perfect mood.”

— GarageBand Reviewers

Very pro arrangement – nicely-done, engaging and smart.”

— GarageBand Reviewers

This composer has something to say. I like it.”

— GarageBand Reviewers